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epa07725061 The 2030 candidacy general coordinator Fernando Marin: the Minister of Sports of Chile, Pauline Kantor; the Minister of Sports of Paraguay, Irma Morales; the president of the South American Football Confederation , Alejandro Domínguez; the president of the Paraguayan Football Association, Robert Harrison, and the Secretary General of Sports of Uruguay, Fernando Caceres, participate in a meeting to analyze the progress in their joint bid to organize the FIFA 2030 World Cup, at the seat of the Government Palace, in Asuncion, Paraguay, 18 July 2019. Argentina and Uruguay were the driving forces of this joint candidacy, which was later joined by Paraguay and Chile. The South American Football Confederation argues that the World Cup of 2030 should be played in South America because that year will be the centenary of the tournament, whose first edition was held in Uruguay. EPA/Andres Cristaldo

CORRECTION France G7 Summit
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