Old Telegram Received

입력 : 2019-03-10 00:00:00

In a Friday, March 1 2019 photo, Robert Fink holds up a telegram from a family friend congratulating him on his 1969 graduation from the University of Michigan at his home in Huntington Woods, Mich. The telegram, delivered to his apartment the day after he moved away from Ann Arbor, was recovered 50 years later by an employee of a downtown Ann Arbor company in a filing cabinet bought from the University of Michigan.

France Orangutan
"아르헨티나·우루과이 전역에 정전"..일부 복구
트럼프, 일본인 납북자 가족에 "반드시 승리할 것" 편지
[건강] 전신운동 수영, 건강하게 즐기세요
[오늘의 건강] U-20 축구 응원 야간 날씨는?
[건강이 최고] 젊은층 '성병' 심상찮다.."노인은 걱정수준 아냐"